Install the Schematics License Manager


This document details the steps necessary to install the ArcSchematics License Manager. Prior to running the install you will need:

· ArcGIS Desktop (ArcInfo, ArcEditor or ArcView) 8.2 or later, installed.
· The Schematics 2.2.2 or 2.2.3 CD media.
· Your license file (see "Before Beginning")

The Schematics License Manager does not use a hardware key. Schematics License Manager uses the disk serial number of the primary hard drive as a validating hostid.

Follow the process below to obtain your disk serial number:

1. Create a directory on your C:\ drive called SchematicsLM. You can do this from the command prompt by using the command "mkdir":

C:\> cd \ <ENTER>

C:\> mkdir SchematicsLM <ENTER>

C:\> cd SchematicsLM <ENTER>


2. Copy the contents of the Schematics media's \License directory into the folder C:\SchematicsLM.

3. Use the "cd" command to move to the "SchematicsLM" directory.

C:\>cd c:\SchematicsLM <ENTER>


4. From the command prompt, type in the following command:

C:\SchematicsLM>lmutil lmhostid -vsn <ENTER>

This will return your disk serial number.
5. Contact ESRI customer service to obtain a license file based on this disk serial number.


Follow the process below to install and start the Schematics License Manager service.
  1. Copy the license file (.lic file) obtained from customer service to the C:\SchematicsLM\ directory.
  2. Start up the command prompt if it is not already open, and use the "cd" command to move to the "SchematicsLM" directory.

    C:\>cd c:\SchematicsLM <ENTER>


  3. Type in the following command:

    C:\SchematicsLM>installs -n "Schematics License Manager" -c C:\SchematicsLM -e C:\SchematicsLM\lmgrd.exe <ENTER>

    This will create the license manager service.
  4. Start the service by typing

    C:\SchematicsLM> net start "Schematics License Manager" <ENTER>

    You should get a response:
    “The Schematics License Manager service is starting.”

    Followed by:
    “The Schematics License Manager service was started successfully.”

    This means your Schematics License Manager has started and is ready to serve licenses.

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