Install the Oracle client and configure a net service name

Last Published: April 25, 2020


***Internal Publish***Use as a guideline to configure the Oracle client and share with customers when needed. Refer to this article as a DRAFT since Oracle's interface changes constantly.


Sometimes a connection is bound to the networking requirements of Oracle and SQL*NET. Installing the Oracle client on Windows will automatically include the network software.

For more information refer to the Oracle documentation and Oracle technical support.
  1. Adding A Net Service Name

    Install the Oracle client on the Windows client. Use the net Configuration utility to add a net service name. Use this utility to Add, Modify, Delete and View configuration information.

    a. Start the NET Configuration utility by selecting Start > Programs > Oracle > Configuration & Migration Tools > NET Configuration Utility.

    b. Select Add NET Service name. Select OK.

    c. Enter the name of the net service name in the NET Service name dialog. Select OK.

    d. Select the network protocol to be used when connecting to a remote database. Select TCP/IP. Select Next.

    e. Enter the Host Name for the Oracle Server as well as the name of the Database Instance to be used. The name of the Oracle instance can be found via the Control Panel > Services utility. In the example below, the Database Instance is ORCL. By default, the port on which the Oracle Server listens is 1251. Select OK. Select Test Connection. Select Finish if the test is successful, otherwise, contact the System or Database Administrator.
  2. Updating System Variables

    Open the Control Panel and double click on the System icon. Select the Environment tab when the System dialog opens. Add the appropriate information to the path variable under System Variables. For example: e:\orant\bin
  3. Starting The Oracle Service

    Open the control Panel and double click on the Services icon to ensure Oracle is running on the server. Scroll
    down to an entry named OracleService**** and verify it is started.
    [O] Oracle
    The Oracle listener must be running for remote connections to the ORACLE instance.
  4. To use the net service name in an AXL, add it to the password using @net_service_name. In the example the NET service name is ora9
    <SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0" server="zephyr" instance="sde:oracle9i"
    database="" user="arcims" encrypted="false" password="arcims@ora9" />

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