Install the 9.0 ArcGIS License Manager and the 8.x ESRI License Manager on one UNIX machine

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Use the following article to install the 9.0 ArcGIS License Manager on a UNIX machine that is already hosting an 8.x ESRI License Manager. Before the installation of ArcGIS 9.0, verify that version 8.x of the ESRI License Manager has been installed and configured. If not, see the License Manager Reference Guide on the ArcInfo Workstation 8.x CD for more information.

This information refers only to the License Manager software. For information on software installation, see the appropriate installation guide.
Installation of the 9.0 ArcGIS License Manager is required. Adding the 9.0 license file information to the existing 8.x license.dat in an 8.x $ARCHOME/sysgen directory does not work. Obtain a 9.0 license file from ESRI Customer Service for the 9.0 version of the License Manager.The two vendor daemons cannot use the same port. By default, the 9.0 ARCGIS daemon is set to 27004 and the 8.x ESRI daemon is set to 27005.The two versions of the License Manager must be installed to separate directories.


If the machine on which ArcGIS License Manager is being installed is already hosting the 8.x or previous License Manager, follow the steps below.

  1. Obtain the hostid and hostname of the computer by issuing the following commands at a command prompt:

    % hostid
    % hostname

  2. With the hostid and hostname, visit ESRI Customer Service to obtain a 9.0 license file. Once an e-mail is received, save it to the 9.0 $ARCHOME/sysgen directory as 'license.dat'.
  3. Use a text editor to open license.dat and verify that the SERVER line has both the correct hostname and hostid.

    SERVER hostname hostid 27004

  4. Issue the following command from the sysgen directory to start the ArcGIS License Manager:

    % ./lmgrd -c license.dat > /dev/console &

  5. Issue the following command from the sysgen directory to verify that the License Manager is running:

    % ./lmutil lmstat -a -c license.dat

  6. On each of the UNIX ArcInfo 9.0 client machines that are to access the 9.0 License Manager, set either of the following variables in each .cshrc:

    setenv ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE @<host>
    setenv ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE <port>@<host>

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