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This article was contributed by Esri Deutschland, the Esri distributor for Germany.

The instructions provided describe how to install NAS-Reader for ArcGIS Desktop 10. NAS-Reader enables importing and visualizing 3A data (AFIS®, ALKIS® and ATKIS®) by way of NAS (Normbasierte Austausch Schnittstelle), a standards-based exchange format of German surveying authorities. According to GeoInfoDok version 6.0, NAS data can be read by NAS-Reader and all schemes, including version 6.0.1, are supported.

Version 5.1.1_K is an exception; it is not supported by NAS-Reader. This version was available for a short time and was replaced by version 5.1.1_K2.


The installation requires the following:

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.0, Service Pack 1
  • Data Interoperability extension
Since the NAS-Reader uses only parts of the Data Interoperability extension, it is not necessary to purchase a license. Nevertheless, the full use of Data Interoperability is still dependent on an activated license.
  • Media CD Bereit für ArcGIS 10! provided by Esri Germany
  • It is not necessary to install the German Supplement.  

Before Beginning

  1. Insert the media CD Bereit für ArcGIS 10!
  2. Navigate to: <CD-Drive>:\Inhalte\Programme\NAS_Reader
  3. Read Dokumentation_NAS_Reader.

Install the Data Interoperability Extension

  1. Open the folder containing ESRI.exe.
  2. Double-click ESRI.exe to start installation.
  3. In the ArcGIS Desktop Install menu, click the Setup link that corresponds to the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the installation.

Install the NAS-Reader

  1. Double-click NASReader.esriaddin.
  2. Click Install Add-in.
  3. Click OK to finish.
  4. Copy the esridesktop_nas.oemlic file found in <CD-Drive>:\Inhalte\Programme\NAS_Reader to one of the following folders:
    • For a 32-bit OS - C:\Program files\ESRI\Data Interoperability Extension\licenses
    • For a 64-bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\Data Interoperability Extension\licenses
Administrator rights may be needed for this step.
  1. After completing the installation, open ArcMap and click Customize > Toolbars and activate NAS.
To adjust the Add-in go to Customize > Add-In Manager.

Data and File Information

NAS data can be imported in file geodatabases (*.gdb) or in personal geodatabases (*.mdb) and can be visualized in ArcMap. Esri recommends using a file geodatabase for large amounts of data (several hundred MB).

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