Install custom markersets in ArcInfo Workstation


Instructions provided describe how to install custom markersets in ArcInfo Workstation.


To install custom markersets, follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the custom markerset file to %ARCHOME%\symbols.

  2. Copy the font on which the markerset is based to the appropriate directory:

    For Intellifont or a TrueType font: %ARCHOME%/fonts. Go to step 3.

    For IGL font: %ARCHOME%\igl63exe. Go to step 4.

  3. Start ArcPlot and run the FONTLOAD command to open the Font Loader.
    Font Loader adds a custom font to the ArcInfo list of fonts.

    [O-Image] Font Loader menu
  4. An alternative method to using the FONTLOAD command is to open the 'fontindex' file using WordPad, and manually add the new font.
    a) Copy an entry from an existing font of the same type, and paste into the fontindex file.
    b) Assign a new number to the font, then enter the new name and other information required as needed. Use the same format as the original.
    c) Save the fontindex file.
  5. Store the custom markerset and font in a backup directory, so they can be restored after an ArcInfo upgrade.

    See the system administrator if any directory write permission issues occur.

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