Install and access the ArcGIS Tablet PC Support extension for ArcGIS 9.x


Tablet PC support is built into ArcGIS 9.x; no external extension is required. If the Tablet toolbar is not located on the list of available toolbars, it must be installed.

Users of ArcGIS 8.2 and 8.3 products can download the Tablet PC Support extension from the download link in the Related Information section below.


Follow the steps below to install and access the Tablet PC support toolbar.

  1. Insert the ArcGIS Desktop 9 CD in the computer CD-ROM drive, select Install ArcGIS when prompted and then select Modify.
  2. Find Tablet PC Support from the list of Applications and Extensions. Change the icon for Tablet PC Support to 'Entire Feature Will be Installed', click Next and then click Finish.
  3. The toolbar is now available in ArcMap. To access it, navigate in ArcMap to Tools > Customize, and select Tablet from the list of available toolbars.

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