Increase the ArcPress pagesize limit


All ArcPress printer drivers have a hard coded maximum printable area. For example, the ArcPress RTL drivers have a maximum printable width of 34.5 inches.

You must increase these limits to print larger than the hard coded limit when printing on larger printers using ArcPress.

ArcPress for ArcGIS ArcMap 9.0 and higher no longer has a hard-coded page size.


Modify the hard coded maximum printable area in the ArcPress file, device1.dat.

1. Browse to your $ARCHOME\etc directory and open device1.dat in a text editor.

On Windows, $ARCHOME is <install_drive>:\arcgis\arcexe81, <install_drive>:\arcgis\ or c:\Program Files\ArcGIS\

The first line of device1.dat should look similar to:

RTL_RGB, unirtlrgb, 10350, -1, 300, 300, HP RTL - RGB (Device Dithered)

The maximum printable area is the third (width) and fourth (height) values of this line. Since this driver is for printing on a roll feed device, the second value is -1, which designates continuous length.

If you browse further down the list, you will see drivers for cut sheet printers which contain numeric values in both the third and fourth positions.

These values are calculated by taking the maximum printable width and height and multiplying it by the default resolution of the device (fifth and sixth position, resolution in width and resolution in height).

The maximum printable width of a standard 36" wide HP Designjet is 34.5". Multipy 34.5 by 300 dpi results in the value 10350.

2. View the chart below. Select the appropriate values for the paper size to support and edit in those values in the device1.dat file.

PCL Tabloid/B = 3090, 4800
RTL 42" wide printer = 12150, -1
RTL 50" wide printer = 14550, -1
RTL 60" wide printer = 17550, -1

The ArcPress Canon and Epson drivers are already hardcoded to 11" x 17".

3. Save and close the device1.dat file. These changes will be applied the next time ArcPress is used.

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