Import Microsoft Access or Excel data into ArcView


Instructions provided describe the options to import Microsoft Access or Excel data into a project.


  • Export the data to an ArcView compatible format - The easiest way is to export the Access or Excel data to dBase III or dBase IV format and import it into the project.

    Any updates to the original data are not reflected in the exported dBase tables. The data needs to be re-exported, and then imported again in ArcView.

  • Use ODBC - A better option is to use an open database connection (ODBC). This allows ArcView to directly access the data in the database and take a snapshot of it whenever the project calls for the data. Updates to the data are reflected in the snapshot the next time the project is opened.

    1. Before querying the database, the Data Source Name (DSN) needs to be configured to recognize the database. See the Related Information section below.

    2. ArcView requires the SQL Connect dialog box to query the data. (SQL: Structured Query Language)

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