Import ArcView palette files (.avp) into ArcMap

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcView palette files (.avp) can be imported into ArcMap, though not all types of symbols are imported.


Follow one of the two options given below:

  • Use ArcMap's ArcView 3.x project file importer.

    a) Create a layout in ArcView and make graphic shapes in that layout, assigning each a different symbol from the palette until all symbols have been used. It is possible to use the symbol dump sample script (symdump.ave) to automatically generate these graphics.

    b) Save the project file and close ArcView.

    c) Open ArcMap.

    d) Click on File > Import from ArcView Project to import the .apr.

    There are some ArcView symbol classes that will not import.

    ArcMap cannot import the following classes of ArcView symbols:

    VectorPen (all eight sub-classes)
    RasterFill (style Stipple)
    RasterFill (style OpaqueStipple)
    Vector Fill (style RandDot)
    Vector Fill (style Dot)
    Vector Fill (style Hatch)
    Vector Fill (style CrossHatch)

    e) Click on Tools > Styles > Export Map Styles to export all of the symbols in the current map to a new ArcGIS .style file.
  • Use the ArcObjects developer sample that imports and converts ArcView 3.x palette files into ArcGIS color symbols.

    From the link given below in Related Information, navigate to Samples > Importing from ArcView 3.x > Importing AV3x Colors from Palette File.

    Follow the steps as described in the sample.

    You do not need ArcView 3.x to use this sample.

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  • ArcMap 9 x
  • ArcMap 8 x

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