Identify and set up a foreign language codepage in ArcInfo Workstation.


Instructions provided describe how to reset the ArcInfo Workstation &CODEPAGE directive, so foreign language data can be processed and displayed in ArcInfo Workstation and in ARC Macro Language (AML).


The instructions outlined in this article are case-sensitive. All instructions indicated in CAPS must be typed as shown.

  1. Follow the instructions in article 27176 at this link to set the Regional and Language Options on the computer to the required foreign language.
    <a href='' target='_blank'>How To: Configure Windows to run ArcGIS in a selected language environment</a>

    This process will not work unless the computer is rebooted after changing the Regional and Language Options.

  2. After rebooting the computer, open a DOS window. At the DOS prompt type in CHCP and press 'Enter' to identify the OEM codepage for the selected foreign language setting.
    [O-Image] DOS codepage query

    The sample shown displays the OEM codepage for Chinese (Taiwan).

  3. Start ArcInfo Workstation. At the Arc: prompt type in

    &show &codepage

    The command returns two values as shown in this screenshot.
    [O-Image] &show &codepage output
    The first value, in this case, BIG5, is the value to be entered with the &CODEPAGE directive.

    If the Regional and Language Options are set to Japanese, &show &codepage will return

    Native code page: SJIS ,Target code page: EUC
  4. After entering &codepage at the Arc, prompt processing in ArcInfo Workstation is performed using the selected language, during the current ArcInfo session.
    If ArcInfo is shut down and restarted, the &codepage directive, with the appropriate value, must be reentered.

  5. Here are some addition codepage values for use in ArcInfo Workstation:

    Codepage for Korean:
    &codepage KSC5601

    Codepage for Latvian
    &codepage Cp1207

    Codepage for Japanese
    &codepage SJIS

    Codepage for French (France)
    &codepage 850

    Codepage for Arabic (Morocco)
    &codepage 720

    Codepage for Chinese (Taiwan)
    &codepage BIG5

    Additional information about setting and using codepages in ArcInfo Workstation is available in the ArcDOC (ArcInfo Help) > Contents tab > System administration > National language support.

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