Hide widgets temporarily in ArcGIS Experience Builder

Last Published: May 23, 2024


Widgets are added to an experience in ArcGIS Experience Builder to create web experiences and are configurable according to the suitability of the experience. However, in some instances, it is necessary to hide widgets temporarily in an experience when the widgets are to be only used in the future and do not need to be viewed by the users.

By hiding the widgets, the configured widgets can be made visible in the experience anytime without the need to configure or customize the widgets from start.


Use one of the following options to hide widgets in an experience.

Move the widget to the pending list

  1. In ArcGIS Experience Builder, click the Page Page panel icon panel.
  2. On the Page panel, browse to the Body node of the panel’s Outline section and select the desired widget under Map.
  3. Click More More options icon, and click the Move to the pending list option.
Alternatively, a widget can be moved to the pending list by selecting the widget on the experience and clicking the Move to the pending list Move to the pending list icon button on the widget’s toolbar.

The image below shows the widget moved to the pending list.

Widget listed on the pending list on the Insert widget panel

Move the widget beyond the screen view

  1. In ArcGIS Experience Builder, click the desired widget to open its configuration panel.
  2. On the configuration panel, on the Style tab, browse to the widget’s position input box.
  3. Click the % (percent) icon, and select px (pixels) from the drop-down to change the unit of Offset X.
  4. Enter a new value of 5000 px for Offset X.
Offset X configured in position box

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