Go directly to a specific section of online help


Instructions provided describe how to go directly to a specific section of online help. Access a specific page in ArcWeb Services online help by including the index.htm start page and the # character in the URL.


Include the start page (index.htm), a # character in the URL, and the specific help page name to open the page in the framework of the complete online help system. It is possible to view the table of contents and the banner, and go directly to the page. The navigation frame of the help system does not appear if the start page and # character are not included.

A link to access the navigation system appears at the top of the page. Click it and the TOC, Index, and Search frame appears around the page.

  1. Open online help and navigate to the page to be opened directly.
  2. Right-click the page and click Properties.
  3. Copy the address URL of the page.
  4. Include index.htm and a # character in the URL directly after the slash that follows the help directory name.

    For example:

    The ArcWeb Services help directories these instruction apply to are:

    ArcWeb Online (v2):
    Toolbar Help:
    MapStudio Help:

    As an alternative to this step, copy the properties address into a browser address frame and click Go.

    Click the Display TOC link that appears and copy the URL. This saves from having to type the start page and # character.

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