Flagging AML errors with a beep



Can an AML be made to beep whenever an error or end of routine is encountered?


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On UNIX systems, AML can access the keyboard bell by using the "CTRL G" key sequence with the &TYPE directive. The following line can be added to any error checking routine:


The '^G' is created by holding down the Ctrl key and holding down the shift key and pressing g. On the screen and in a text file, it will look like ^G. But it would be one character and not two, i.e, you will not get a beep if you put a ^ and a G next to each other.

You can create the ^G by:

Arc: &watch beep.wat
Arc: &type ^G /*press Ctrl + Shift + g
Arc: &watch off
Arc: &cwta beep.wat beep.aml

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  • ArcMap 8 x
  • Legacy Products

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