Find the correct international encoding for HTML Viewer?


Instructions provided describe how to find the correct international encoding for an HTML Viewer. When creating an HTML viewer using the international Windows environment, it is important to know the correct encoding value for each language.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the file in the $AIMSHOME\AppServer folder. Edit the file as follows.


  2. Stop and restart ArcIMS services. An Application Server Log folder is created in the $AIMSHOME\AppServer folder. In the log folder, log files are created when the Application Server starts. The log file appears as follows:


    Open this log file and search for 'Java Virtual machine's character encoding'. At the end of this string, it indicates encoding for the language environment.
  3. Replace the charset value ISO-8859-1 with the proper encoding in the 'viewer.htm' file at the Web site directory C:\ArcIMS\website and the 'aims.XML.js' file at the Web site directory C:\ArcIMS\website\javascript.

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