Find appropriate custom extent values when clipping the data frame


You can find the appropriate extents for data frame clipping using your choice of display units and the coordinate readout on ArcMap status bar.


  1. Select the General tab on the Data Frame Properties dialog box.
  2. To find map extents in degrees, select Decimal Degrees from the Display Units list box. If you are not using degrees, select any of the other display units.

    [O-Image] Selecting the data frame display units
  3. Click OK to close the Data Frame Properties dialog box.
  4. Move the mouse pointer around the data frame in the display area to identify the coordinates for clipping bounds. These are shown on the ArcMap status bar.

    [O-Image] The coordinate readout section of the ArcMap status bar
  5. Take note of the coordinate values. When you set up the data frame clipping, you can type the noted values in the top, left, right, and bottom extent fields of the Data Frame Clipping dialog box.

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  • ArcMap 9 x
  • ArcMap 8 x

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