Export selected records in a hosted feature layer as a CSV file

Last Published: July 18, 2023


In some instances, instead of exporting an entire hosted feature layer to a CSV file, it may only be necessary to export a few selected records in the hosted feature layer. The steps below demonstrate how to export selected records in a hosted feature layer by using filters and the Extract Data tool in ArcGIS Online.


  1. Open the web map containing the hosted feature layer with the records to be exported in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
  2. Hover over the hosted feature layer, and click the Filter icon Image showing the Filter icon..
  3. Create an expression for the filter(s) to show the records to be exported. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Create filters for more information.
  4. Click APPLY FILTER. The hosted feature layer is filtered to show the selected records.
  5. Click AnalysisImage showing the Analysis button > Manage Data > Extract Data.
  6. Under the Layers to extract section, click the checkbox next to the filtered layer to be exported.
  7. Under the Output data format section, select CSV from the drop-down menu.
Image showing the Extract Data tool with the values highlighted.
Click Show Credits before running the analysis to check how many credits are consumed for this process.
  1. Click RUN ANALYSIS. Once completed, the CSV file is stored in My Content and can be downloaded from there.

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