Export complete XY coordinate values to a text file from ArcMap


Instructions provided describe how to export complete coordinate values to a text file from a feature class attribute table in ArcMap.

Due to a known defect in the export data function, exporting values from an attribute table as text causes values in fields with Double Data Type to be cut off.


The steps in this article apply to both geodatabase feature classes and shapefiles. The term 'feature class' is used to refer to both data types.

  1. Add two new fields to the feature class attribute table. Set the Data Type as TEXT, with a length equal to 20.

    Suggested names for the new fields are:
    · X_text
    · Y_text
  2. Right-click the name of the new X_text field and click Calculate Values (or Calculate Geometry in ArcGIS 10).

    In the dialog box, calculate values equal to the field that contains the original X coordinates for the data.

    Repeat this process for the Y_text field.
  3. In the attribute table, select Export. Export the table to a TXT file. The text fields contain the complete X and Y coordinate values.

    The output file is in a comma-delimited format.

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