Exclude certain values from a field in a label in ArcGIS Pro

Last Published: July 20, 2023


In some instances, it is necessary to exclude non-required values from a field used to label a map. This article describes the workflow to exclude certain values from a field in a feature layer label in ArcGIS Pro. In this example, when labeling a map using a number field, some features in the number field have zero values, and the zeros must be excluded.

The map of trails in the Zion National Park region labeled by numbers with zeros.


  1. In the Contents pane, select the feature layer.
  2. On the top ribbon, under Feature Layer, click the Labeling tab, and click the Enable Labeling The Enable Labeling icon. icon. The Label icon is highlighted when it is enabled.
  3. In the Label Class group, click the SQL Query The SQL Query icon. icon in the Class section. The Label Class - <layer_name> pane opens.
  4. In the Label Class - <layer_name> pane, on the SQL The SQL tab. tab, click the New expression drop-down arrow. Select Create a new expression.
  5. Specify the Where clause as <field> is not equal to 0. In this example, the field is USE.
Optionally, click Add Clause The Add Clause icon., select the And clause, and specify it as <field> is not equal to <value> to add another value to be excluded from the label.
  1. Click Apply.
The Label Class pane displaying the SQL query tab with the Where clause and its components.

The image below displays the map without zeros in the label.

The map of trails in the Zion National Park region labeled by numbers without zeros.

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  • ArcGIS Pro 2 7 x
  • ArcGIS Pro 2 x

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