Enable ArcGIS 9.0 to recognize new images loaded into a raster catalog using the sderaster command


Instructions provided describe how to enable ArcGIS 9.0 to recognize new images loaded into a raster catalog using the sderaster command. When creating an Embedded Raster Catalog using the sderaster command, register the raster catalog with the geodatabase so the images can be viewed by ArcGIS 9.0 Double-click the Spatial Database Connection, right-click on the raster catalog and select the 'Register with Geodatabase' option.

If any additional images are inserted into the raster catalog after it has been registered with the geodatabase, by way of the sderaster command, they will not show until the entire raster catalog has been re-registered with the geodatabase.


Follow the steps below to reregister newly inserted images in a raster catalog with the geodatabase so they are recognized by ArcGIS 9.0

  1. Add the additional images to the raster catalog using the 'sderaster -o insert ...' command

    sderaster -o insert -l raster_cat,image -c lz77 -G 4269 -a 0 -I bilinear -L -1 -t 128,128 -n 4_5.tif -f 4_5.tif -s buccaneers -i 5151 -u raster -p raster

    sderaster -o insert -l raster_cat,image -c lz77 -G 4269 -a 0 -I bilinear -L -1 -t 128,128 -n 4_6.tif -f 4_6.tif -s buccaneers -i 5151 -u raster -p raster

  2. Launch ArcCatalog
    > Tools > Macros > Visual Basic Editor
  3. Expand Normal (Normal.gxt) Project
    A. Double-Click 'ArcCatalog Objects'
    B. Select 'ThisDocument'
    C. Paste in the following VBA script:

    Public Sub ReRegister_gdb()

    Dim pCatalog As esriGeoDatabase.IRasterCatalog
    Dim pCatalogHelper As esriGeoDatabase.IRasterCatalogHelper
    Dim pWs As esriGeoDatabase.IRasterWorkspaceEx
    Dim pPropertySet As esriSystem.IPropertySet
    Dim pWsFact As esriGeoDatabase.IWorkspaceFactory
    Dim sServer As String
    Dim sInstance As String
    Dim sDB As String
    Dim sUsername As String
    Dim sPassword As String
    Dim sCatalog As String

    sServer = InputBox("Server : ")
    sInstance = InputBox("Instance : ")
    sDB = InputBox("Database : ")
    sUsername = InputBox("Username : ")
    sPassword = InputBox("Password : ")
    sCatalog = InputBox("Specify Raster Catalog you want to re-register : ")

    Set pPropertySet = New esriSystem.PropertySet
    With pPropertySet
    .SetProperty "server", sServer
    .SetProperty "instance", sInstance
    .SetProperty "database", sDB
    .SetProperty "user", sUsername
    .SetProperty "password", sPassword
    .SetProperty "version", ""
    End With
    Set pWsFact = New esriDataSourcesGDB.SdeWorkspaceFactory
    Set pWs = pWsFact.Open(pPropertySet, 0)

    'Open raster catalog
    Set pCatalog = pWs.OpenRasterCatalog(sCatalog)

    'Initialize helper class
    Set pCatalogHelper = New esriGeoDatabase.RasterCatalogHelper

    'Update the geometry
    pCatalogHelper.UpdateFootprint pCatalog

    Set pCatalog = Nothing
    Set pCatalogHelper = Nothing

    End Sub

  4. Run the script by pressing F5. Type in the correct databases parameters in the dialog boxes that appear.

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