Edit objects in an .apr file

Last Published: April 25, 2020


An .apr file is an Object Database stored in ASCII text format, and can be edited with any standard text editor.


Make a copy of your .apr file under a different name. You may need to revert to this backup copy in the event your edits corrupt the .apr file in any way.

  1. Check the structure of the object.

    Each object is bound by a set of parenthesis. The first line of an object contains the open parenthesis, an object identification type, a period, and a unique object index number. The last line of an object contains the close parenthesis. The lines in between store the object’s elements. Example:

    ElementType: Value

    This is a File Name object similar to an object that might define a project’s working directory:

    Path: “c:/windows/temp”

  2. Edit objects.

    To remove elements in an object, just remark them out. Example:

    REM Path: “c:/windows/temp”

    Lines beginning with REM in an APR are ignored when the project is loaded.

    Never comment out (insert REM) or delete objects within an object, as other objects in the database may reference them and may cause a segmentation violation.

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