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Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to edit features and update coverages in ArcCAD.


Features in a coverage can be added, deleted or modified in ArcCAD. To save these changes use one of three different commands; ADDFEAT, MODFEAT, or SAVEFEAT.

Adding features to a theme

1. Use the USERID command to establish the base value and increment value of User-IDs for theme features. This will ensure that unique User-IDs for theme features will be maintained and that duplicates are not created, which can cause loss of attributes.

2. Create the new entities using one of the draw tools. To edit/modify a polygon theme, the line theme that was created in the build process or a line theme defined from the polygon coverage will actually be modify .

Use snap to eliminate sliver polygons or "intersections" on line and polygon themes. BUILD the coverage when finished.

3. Once finished adding features, run the ADDFEAT command to update the theme. This will give a prompt to build, clean or wait. Both build and clean will create topology, which needs to be done before the changes will be visible. Topology can be created in one step when finished editing, or at the end of each edit. Creating topology will update the link between the drawing and the coverage.

Deleting features from a theme

1. Click on the entity (the drawing representation of geographic features) and run the DELFEAT command to delete features. The entity will still be visible on the display, but the feature is deleted from the coverage.

2. Once the entity has been deleted, run the ERASE command to remove the entity from the screen/display. Choose to erase after each DELFEAT command so changes that have been made can be tracked, or erase at the end of all edits.

3. Once the features are deleted use the MODFEAT command to update the theme if existing features have been deleted or modified. A prompt to select the modified entities will appear. Draw or click on those modified entities.

Saving edits to a theme

After editing, if ADDFEAT or MODFEAT have not been used, use SAVEFEAT for all the changes, whether existing features have been added, deleted or modified. To use SAVEFEAT, draw a selection window around the entire drawing. ArcCAD will take care of adding and modifying as needed.
If polygons have been added, Create Label points for the new polygons as needed. Use CREATELAB or IDEDIT to modify the label points. See Help or the ArcCAD command reference for more information about these commands.
When finished, create topology for the coverage using BUILD or CLEAN.
For a polygon theme, verify the edits by displaying the polygon arcs and label points for the polygon theme. For a point or a line, re-display the same theme.

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