Display international characters in Metadata Explorer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to display international characters in Metadata Explorer by adjusting the charset value in each of the Metadata Explorer's JavaServer Pages (JSP) files.


  1. The charset value in each of the following Metadata Explorer JSP files can be modified to the appropriate charset value based on locale. By default these files are located in the following locations:
    Windows: <ArcIMS Installation Directory>\Metadata\MetadataExplorer
    UNIX: $AIMSHOME/Metadata/MetadataExplorer

    During the deployment of the Metadata Explorer, some Web server/servlet engines require this directory to be moved. Modify the files in the location used by the Web server/servlet engine if that is the case.

    browse.jsp					map_authenticate.jsp
    browse_results.jsp map_legend.jsp
    browsing.jsp map_print.jsp
    coverage.jsp map_title.jsp
    data_output_include.jsp map_view.jsp
    details.jsp print.jsp
    details_output_include.jsp searching.jsp
    details_toolbar.jsp search_frames.jsp
    error_handler.jsp search_form.jsp
    explorer.jsp search_map.jsp
    find_place.jsp search_result.jsp
    find_place_header.jsp tabs.jsp
    help_search.jsp title.jsp
    login.jsp toolbar.jsp

  2. Navigate to and open the first file listed, browse.jsp, in a text editor.
  3. Find charset and revise the value for the locale.
    Edit the charset value

    [O-Image] Metadata Explorer internationalization
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Repeat steps for each of the files listed.

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