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Last Published: April 25, 2020


CULDESAC is a COGO atool for generating symmetrical or asymmetrical cul-de-sacs off of straight or circular curve street centerlines.

The usage for the CULDESAC command is:

CULDESAC < radius > < return_radius > < street_width > {OFFSET}

The required < radius > is the radius of the cul-de-sac. The required < return_radius > is the radius of the return curves (also known as reverse curves). The required < street_width > is the width of the street (includes both sides of the centerline). The optional {OFFSET} constructs an asymmetrical cul-de-sac instead of the symmetrical default.

When executing the atool, a prompt appears for the user to select a centerline arc. This arc can be a two-point line (an arc with two nodes and no vertices) or a circular curve. Whatever is selected, the arc must have associated COGO attributes.

After selecting a centerline, another prompt appears for the user to either select a node that becomes the cul-de-sac curve center point, or if the {OFFSET} option is used, a prompt appears to select an offset centerline arc (which must be connected to the previously selected arc). If the {OFFSET} option is used, the offset arc's end node (the one not shared by the previously selected centerline) becomes the cul-de-sac curve center point. The offset arc must be a two-point line that is 90 degrees to the centerline arc.

See the command reference in ArcDoc for more information.

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