Create annotation using an ITEM value in a Feature Attribute Table



Creating annotation from information held in a feature attribute table. For example, the user is interested in turning their LENGTH item in the AAT into annotation centered on its respective arc.

One way to do this is to use the ANNOFEATURE and ANNOCAPTURE commands in ArcEdit:

Arcedit: edit lincov
Arcedit: createfeature anno.length
Arcedit: annofeature arc length
Arcedit: annocapture

You can insert annotation commands such as ANNOSIZE, ANNOSYMBOL, etc., prior to issuing ANNOCAPTURE. This will add annotation with specific characteristics. You can also modify the pseudo items of the annotation after the annotation is added.

Another way to do this is in ARCPLOT. This method is beneficial because it allows for more control over the placement of the annotation in some cases. The basic commands are ANNOCOVERAGE and either ARCTEXT, POINTTEXT, or LABELTEXT depending on which FAT contains the desired text. The example below outlines how to create annotation from a coverage called "lincov" using the item LENGTH in the AAT:

Arcplot: mape lincov
Arcplot: arcs lincov
Arcplot: textset <textset>
Arcplot: textsymbol x
Arcplot: textsize x
Arcplot: annocoverage lincov subclass_name
Arcplot: arctext lincov length line cc

User can use RESELECT in ArcPlot to limit which arcs are going to be used to create annotation.

If ARCPLOT TEXTSIZE is used, the annotation created will be preserved in the size specified. This process will work without specifying TEXTSET, TEXTSYMBOL, TEXTSIZE but the default settings have caused problems due to a bug with font 0, the default textset in Arcplot. It is suggested that you specifically set text size and symbol.

Another method is to use ANNOADD, a menu-driven interface in ARCEDIT that allows the user to interactively select the arc, labels, etc, and place an item as annotation. See "Adding annotation using the ANNOADD menu" in ArcDoc.

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