Create and use a geoprocessing custom tool help/metadata template


This article describes how to create a template for custom geoprocessing help/metadata tools. These can be used to populate the help of other custom tools.

For example, create a template that contains contact and authoring information and constraints so that information is consistent for all custom tools.


The following procedure describes how to create and use an XML template.

To create the template:

1. Start ArcCatalog.

2. Enable the Metadata toolbar by navigating to View > Toolbars > Metadata.
[O-image] Enable Metadata toolbar

3. Select the Metadata tab.
[O-image] Select ArcCatalog Metadata tab
4. In the Catalog > Toolboxes tree, select the tool to use as a template. This will activate the Metadata toolbar.
[O-image] Select Catalog > Toolboxes tool to use as template
5. Click the Export Metadata button.
[O-image] Export XML button
6. Select a file name, location to save the file and set the format to XML.

To use the template:

1. Select the tool in the Catalog > Toolboxes tree.

2. Click the Import XML button on the Metadata toolbar.
[O-image] Import XML button
3. Navigate to the template file and set the format to XML.

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  • ArcMap 9 x

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