Create and install new IGL fonts in ArcInfo Workstation


Instructions provided describe how to create and install new IGL fonts in ArcInfo Workstation. ArcInfo Workstation can use IGL fonts and patterns for text and marker symbols, and new fonts in this format can be added to the ArcInfo installation.


Follow the steps below to create and install IGL fonts.

  1. Create new IGL fonts using the FONTCREATE command in ArcInfo Workstation.

    For further information on creating new IGL fonts, refer to the ArcDoc ArcInfo Help > Contents tab > Cartography > Map display and query using ARCPLOT > Creating custom IGL fonts and patterns.
  2. Place the font file in the arcgis\arcexeXX\igl63exe folder.

    ArcInfo, ArcPlot, and ArcEdit will be able to access the new font, with no further changes or adjustments to the system.

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