Create an ISO-only metadata document


To create an ISO-only metadata document, turn off the FGDC and Geography Network metadata synchronizers, and run a script to remove any existing FGDC elements from the metadata.

The information added to the metadata by the Geography Network synchronizer is also added by the ISO synchronizer; information will not be lost by turning that synchronizer off.


  1. Turn off both the FGDC and the Geography Network metadata synchronizers.

    Instructions provided describe how to turn metadata synchronizers on and off using the Set Working Synchronizers command. This command is provided with ArcCatalog, but does not appear on the Metadata toolbar by default. Add it to the Metadata toolbar from the Customize dialog box.


    1. If the Metadata toolbar is not visible in ArcCatalog, click the View menu, navigate to Toolbars, and check Metadata.
    2. Click the Tools menu and click Customize.
    3. Click the Commands tab.
    4. Click Metadata in the Categories list on the left.
    5. Click the Set Working Synchronizers command in the Commands list on the right.
    6. Drag the command to any location on the Metadata toolbar and drop it.
    7. Click Close in the Customize dialog box.
    8. Click the Set Working Synchronizers button.
    9. Check the metadata synchronizers to use.
    10. Uncheck the unwanted metadata synchronizers.
    11. Click OK in the Set Working Synchronizers dialog box.

  2. In ArcCatalog, select the item that requires FGDC metadata to be removed.
  3. Open the Visual Basic Editor in ArcCatalog.

    In ArcCatalog, select Tools > Macros > Visual Basic Editor.

  4. Copy the VBA script below into a module.

    Sub deleteFGDCelements()

    Dim pGxApp As IGxApplication
    Dim pGxView As IGxView
    Dim pMD As IMetadata
    Dim pPS As IPropertySet

    Set pGxApp = Application
    Set pMD = pGxApp.SelectedObject
    Set pPS = pMD.Metadata

    pPS.RemoveProperty "idinfo"
    pPS.RemoveProperty "dataqual"
    pPS.RemoveProperty "spdoinfo"
    pPS.RemoveProperty "spref"
    pPS.RemoveProperty "eainfo"
    pPS.RemoveProperty "distinfo"
    pPS.RemoveProperty "metainfo"

    pMD.Metadata = pPS

    Set pGxView = pGxApp.View
    If TypeOf pGxView Is IGxDocumentationView Then pGxView.Refresh

    End Sub

  5. Run the script.

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  • ArcMap 8 x

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