Create a Web site using the ArcIMS Manager Applications: Author, Administrator and Designer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to create a Java Viewer based Web site using the ArcIMS Manager applications: Author, Administrator and Designer.

For more detailed information on the applications see the ArcIMS documentation.


Follow the instructions below for each type of manager application. Author creates a map configuration file (.axl), Administrator starts a map service and Designer creates the Web site. The results can then be viewed in a Web browser.

For more detailed information please see the Related Information section below.


    A. To start ArcIMS Author navigate to Start > Program > ArcGIS > ArcIMS > Author and select the Add data button. Navigate to <ArcIMS Installation directory>\Samples\TutorialData and select a couple of shapefiles.
    [O-Image] Add data
    B. Click on the Add button to add the data. On the Legend tab verify the checkboxes are checked.
    [O-Image] Check the legend boxes
    C. Save the file as basic.axl to the default working directory; for example, <drive>:\ArcIMS\axl.
    [O-Image] Save the *.axl

    A. Start Administrator and in the left panel click on Services.

    B. In the Menu, select Service > New. As the name type 'basic', navigate to the basic.axl file and select ImageServer. Click OK.
    [O-Image] Add a new service
    To save this configuration, click the Save button in Administrator before the next Step.


    A. In Administrator, from the Tools menu start Designer.
    [O-Image] Start Designer

    Designer can also be launched from Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcIMS > Designer.

    B. Type a name for the Web site, then click Next.

    C. Select the service 'basic' and click the right arrow. Click Next.
    [O-Image] Select a service
    D. Select the Java Standard template, click Next.
    [O-Image] Select the Java Standard template
    E. Click 'Create Web Site' and Exit. Verify Exit by selecting Yes.
    [O-Image] Create the website

    A. Start Internet Explorer and type http://<ArcIMS_server_name>/website and cick the enter key.

    B. Click on the Web site folder 'basic'. The viewer should load in the browser.
    [O-Image] View website in a browser

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