Create a symbol table dependent on the level of classification of the circles in a coverage

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This article describes how to produce a formatted report on the statistics of a coverage.


The following Simple Macro Language (SML) routine produces a formatted report on the statistics of a coverage or data file. The SML illustrates the use of the second parameter in the &sv command to design formatted reports. This macro should be run after the STATISTICS command has been issued.

&REM formatted statistical output
&REM %1 is the coverage or data file name
&REM %2 is the coverage/data file type
&REM The output is written to the file "output"
&openw t$junk
stat %1 %2 item
show stat 3 4 5 6 7
&openw output
&write "Statistics of %1"
&sv 13 %3 "('Count: ',I9)"
&sv 14 %4 "('Minimum:',F9.2)"
&sv 15 %5 "('Maximum:',F9.2)"
&sv 16 %6 "('Sum :',F9.2)"
&sv 17 %7 "('Mean :',F9.2)"
&write "%13"
&write "%14"
&write "%15"
&write "%16"
&write "%17"

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