How to create a marker symbol from an image or shape file?

Last Published: April 25, 2020



How to create a marker symbol from an image or shapefile.


To make an image into a marker symbol:

1. Save the image as one of the following image formats:

a. CompuServ GIF(*.gif)
b. MacPaint (*.mcp)
c. Sun Raster (*.rs)
d. TIFF Bitmap (*.tif)
e. Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
f. X Bitmap (*.xbm)

2. Open ArcView GIS
3. Open the 'Symbol Window' by choosing 'Show Symbol Window' under the Window menu
4. Choose the 'Palette Manager' (last button to the right)
5. Change the 'Type' to 'Marker'
6. Select the 'Import' button
7. Navigate to the location of the saved image file and choose the Image
8. Choose 'OK'
9. The image is now available in the Marker Palette

To make a coverage / shapefile into a marker symbol:

1. Open the project that contains the view with the themes added (or open a new view and add the desired themes)
2. Make sure the themes appear on screen as you want them to appear in a marker symbol
3. Export the View (Choose 'Export' from the 'File' menu) as a 'Windows Bitmap'
4. Follow steps 3 - 9, above, to add the new image as a marker symbol.

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