Create a group for ArcWeb Services


When an ArcWeb account is opened, a default group is created which includes only ArcWeb account user name. This article includes information on adding more users to the account to share the credits on the account and access to shared custom data.


  1. Open the Manage Users page in the account pages on the ArcWeb site.
    If not already logged in, log in.
  2. Specify how new users are added to the group:
    · Automatic - once the user verifies their e-mail address and completes the activation process, they can access shared data and use group credits.
    · Require administrator approval - once the user completes the activation process, their user name appears in the group, but an administrator must manually click the check box in the Group Member to grant them access.
    Set this preference with the buttons under the user tables. If the preferences are changed, click Save.
  3. For each person to add to the group, provide their e-mail address in the Invite Other Users section and click the Invite Users button. Separate each user e-mail address with a semi-colon. ArcWeb sends each address an e-mail with the group activation code and instructions for joining the group. Once a user completes the sign-up process, they appear in the group listing.

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