Create a Grid (graticule) in a different projection than the data in the ArcMap Layout View


When creating a Grid (graticule) in the ArcMap Layout View, the grid is created by default in the Coordinate System of the ArcMap Data Frame. The instructions provided describe how to create a grid (graticule) in a coordinate system different than that of the ArcMap Data Frame.


Before Beginning
Turn off the Wizard Mode in ArcMap to facilitate creating a different Grid in the Layout View. This allows immediate access to Reference System Properties when creating a new grid in the ArcMap Layout View.
For 8.x - Go to Tools > Options > Application tab and uncheck 'Show wizards when available'.
For 9.x - Go to Tools > Options > General tab and uncheck Wizard Mode.
For 10.0 - Go to Customize > ArcMap Options > General tab and uncheck 'Show wizards when available'.

  1. In the ArcMap Layout View, navigate to View > Data Frame Properties > Coordinate System tab and verify the Current Coordinate System of the ArcMap Data Frame.
  2. In Data Frame Properties, select the Grids tab, and click New Grid.
  3. In the Reference System Selector, select the grid style to be applied to the ArcMap Layout, and click Properties.

    This process can only be applied to a Grid using a projected coordinate system which labels grid lines in linear units (feet or meters). This process does not work if the Reference System selected labels grid lines with units of degrees.

  4. Apply customize options to the new grid beginning with the System tab and then working right to left through the tabs.
  5. On the System tab, change the radio button to 'Use another coordinate system', and click 'Properties'.
  6. Click the Select button to select a new Projected Coordinate System for the new grid.

    A Grid (graticule) in the ArcMap Layout View can only be created on the Geographic Coordinate System and datum applied to the ArcMap Data Frame. Geographic transformations cannot be applied to the grid.

  7. After applying the new Coordinate System to the grid, in the Reference Systems dialog box, click the Intervals tab, and select a suitable interval for the grid lines.
  8. Grid line colors, label colors and label properties can be modified as needed to provide a pleasing appearance of the graticule and labels that will coordinate with the display colors of data in the ArcMap Data Frame.

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