Create a filtered layer to show a group of ZIP Codes


Use the Layer > Filter Layer Selection tool to create a new layer of the selected geography.


Instructions provided describe how to create a map solely of a collection of ZIP Codes (or other geographic layer such as counties). A possible use case is to color code an area by any variable, such as population, without skewing the analysis by data outside of the desired region.

  1. Be sure to work with a USA Template and not the Continental Template, since it is already filtered.
  2. Zoom to the desired area using the Zoom tool or use Find > Location, and enter the city name or county in that area.
  3. Be sure the ZIP Code layer in the layers window is active (it has a check mark on it).
  4. Use the ID tool or one of the find tools, such as Find by Circle or Find by Polygon. When using these query tools, a menu appears after the circle or polygon is drawn - select the ZIP 5 layer to select all ZIPs in the drawn shape. The Database window displays the selection highlighted in yellow.
  5. To create a filtered layer using this selected data in the database window, choose Layer > Filter Layer Selection from the menu.
  6. It is possible to change the layer name, visibility, border lines, or the fill color of these ZIP Codes by right-clicking on the layer in the Layers window and selecting the Edit Layer wizard. It is possible to change the properties of the layer in this wizard.

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