Create a custom area or line legend patch shape

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to create custom legend patch shapes using the New Legend Patch Shape tool available through the Customization dialog. This functionality lets a user create a custom legend patch shape for use in layouts.


  1. Open the Customize dialog by selecting Customize > Customize Mode from the menu bar.

    • For versions 9.3.X and earlier: Choose Tools > Customize
  2. On the Commands tab, select Page Layout from the Categories list. This populates the Commands list with all the available page layout commands.
  3. Select the New Legend Patch Shape and drop it onto any toolbar.
    [O-Image] Adding custom command to toolbar (such as Legend Patch Shape command)

  4. Select an area or line graphic or a polygon or line feature.
  5. Click the New Legend Patch Shape button.
    [O-Image] New Legend Patch Shape icon
  6. Set options as desired on the left side of the window. When finished, click the Add to Styleset button to save the patch.
    [O-Image] New Legend Patch Shape dialog
  7. Enter a name for the new patch shape and click OK.
  8. The patch can be used in a new legend by choosing it from the Line or Area drop-down menu in the Legend Wizard.
  9. To update an existing legend, right-click the legend and choose Properties. Click the Layout tab and choose the appropriate Line or Area dropdown to select the custom patch.

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