Convert shapefile attributes to CAD using Data Interoperability


CAD files such as DWG, DXF and DGN do not have attribute tables, and therefore do not store attribute data.

Instructions provided show how to convert a field attribute to CAD Annotation using Data Interoperability.


  1. Create a new toolbox by right-clicking in ArcToolbox > New > Toolbox.
  2. Right-click the new toolbox > New > Spatial ETL Tool.

    Previous to ArcGIS 9.2, the 'Spatial ETL Tool' is referred to as the 'Custom Data Export Tool'.

  3. Data Interoperability Workbench opens.

    A. Click Next.
    B. Click 'Add feature classes'.
    C. Select the shapefile and click 'Add'.
    D. Click Next.
    E. Click 'Browse for destination format...'.
    [O] Data_Inter

    F. Select 'AutoCAD DXF/DWG' and click OK.
    G. Click Next.
    H. Click Next again.
    I. Click Finish.
  4. The Workbench is now open. Select the 'Gallery' tab and under 'Search:', type 'LabelPointReplacer'. Click the binoculars icon.
    [O] Gallery
  5. Drag and drop the 'LabelPointReplacer' transformer to the Main dialog box.
  6. Create a link from the source data to the transformer.
    [O] Link
  7. A. Click the red exclamation point icon on the transformer.
    B. Set the 'Label Attribute' to the desired field.
    C. Set 'Label Height' to a numeric value.
    D. Click OK.

    To display multiple fields, concatenate them into one field within ArcMap.

  8. Create a link from the transformer to the destination type.
    [O] Destination
  9. Click Save. Close Workbench.
  10. A. In ArcToolbox, double-click the Spatial ETL Tool.
    B. Browse to the shapefile for the input layer and specify an output CAD destination and name.
    C. Click OK.

    To specify a .dwg or .dxf file, click the browse icon, followed by clicking the 'Save as type' drop-down list.

  11. The CAD layer is created. The field specified for the label attribute is displayed as annotation within the CAD layer.

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  • ArcMap 9 x

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