Convert between PC ARCINFO and ArcInfo coverages

Last Published: April 25, 2020



A method to convert between PC ARCINFO and ArcInfo coverages.


Use the Workspace Translator utility to convert between the two. To download this utility, see the Related Information section below.

To translate a workspace:

1. Type in the complete path and name of the workspace to be translated.

If the path or workspace name is not known, use the Browse button to locate it.

2. In the Coverage list box, select the specific coverages to be translated in the workspace.

3. Type in a location and a name of the output workspace in the Output Workspace Name edit box.

4. Click OK.

An Esri Workspace is a directory that contains a number of coverages in it. There are two types of workspaces, PC ARCINFO and ArcInfo 7.x.

The PC ARCINFO workspace has one or more valid PC coverages in it. A valid PC coverage has a TIC.DBF and BND.DBF file in it.

The ArcInfo 7.x workspace has one or more valid 7.x coverages plus an INFO directory in it. A valid 7.x coverage has a TIC and BND file in it.

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