Convert ArcMap HSV color to ArcView 3.x HSV color

Last Published: April 25, 2020


It is possible to calculate the conversion of HSV (hue, saturation and value) in ArcMap to equivalent values in ArcView 3.x using the formulas below.


The ArcMap H (Hue) value is on a scale from 0 to 360, and the S (Saturation) and V (Value) values are percentages.

For example, a rich shade of purple in ArcMap has HSV values of 282, 78, and 78. When entered in ArcView custom colors, the H value of 282 defaults to 255, S of 78, and V of 78 gives a dark brown output.
  1. The Hue Value in ArcMap is scaled from 0 to 360, in degrees. To convert, take the H value, 282, divide by 360, and multiply by 255.
    282/360 x 255 = 200

  2. The Saturation and Value numbers in ArcMap are percentages. To convert, take the S or V value, 78, divide by 100, and multiply by 255.
    78/100 x 255 = 199

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