Convert ArcMap HSV color to ArcView 3.x HSV color


It is possible to calculate the conversion of HSV (hue, saturation and value) in ArcMap to equivalent values in ArcView 3.x using the formulas below.


The ArcMap H (Hue) value is on a scale from 0 to 360, and the S (Saturation) and V (Value) values are percentages.

For example, a rich shade of purple in ArcMap has HSV values of 282, 78, and 78. When entered in ArcView custom colors, the H value of 282 defaults to 255, S of 78, and V of 78 gives a dark brown output.
  1. The Hue Value in ArcMap is scaled from 0 to 360, in degrees. To convert, take the H value, 282, divide by 360, and multiply by 255.
    282/360 x 255 = 200

  2. The Saturation and Value numbers in ArcMap are percentages. To convert, take the S or V value, 78, divide by 100, and multiply by 255.
    78/100 x 255 = 199

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