Convert an ArcInfo GRA file into a PDF file


The following documents includes information on how to convert existing ArcInfo *.GRA (1040 or graphics file) into an Adobe PDF. ArcInfo Workstation is required for the first two steps, but the rest of the procedure can be performed in ArcMap from any ArcGIS Desktop product.


  1. Use the Arc: EMF command to first convert the GRA to an EMF file.

    Arc: emf
    Usage: EMF <in_meta_file> <out_emf_file> {scale} {dpi} {image_resolution} {xmin ymin xmax ymax}
    Arc: emf landuse.gra landuse.emf

  2. Use the Arc: PLIST command to verify the page size of the GRA file.

    Arc: plist
    Usage: PLIST <in_graphics_file> {EXTREMES | ALL} {out_list_file}
    Arc: plist landuse.gra
    Graphics file X extremes are: MIN=0.663 MAX=7.600
    Graphics file Y extremes are: MIN=0.590 MAX=10.600
    Graphics file units: INCHES

    In this example, the page size is roughly 8.5" x 11".
  3. Start ArcMap and navigate to File > Page and Print Setup.
  4. If Use Printer Paper Settings is checked on, make sure that it is turned off.
  5. In the Map Page Size, set the page size and orientation to the same or slightly larger than the GRA file. Click OK.
  6. Navigate to View and select Layout view.
  7. Navigate to Insert > Picture and browse to the EMF file. Click Open to insert the EMF as a picture into the map layout. Make sure the EMF is centered on the page. Make any adjustments needed to the page size and orientation.
  8. Navigate to File > Export map.
  9. Select the PDF format from the Save as type dropdown. 9.x users: Be sure to turn on "Embed all Document Fonts" in the PDF Format options.
  10. Click Save to export the map.

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