Connect to an ArcGIS Online service proxy from ArcMap


An ArcGIS Enterprise portal can be configured to use utility services from ArcGIS Online. For example, you may not have your own geocoding service, but can use the World Geocoding service from ArcGIS Online as the portal’s geocoding service. In this case, the geocoding service is configured as a service proxy.


This article lists the steps to connect to a service proxy from ArcMap.
  1. Navigate to the item details page of the service proxy item. Search for “Service Proxy” to find all the service proxy items in the portal.
  2. From the item details page, get the URL of the service proxy. This is found under the URL label on the bottom right corner of the item details page. The URL is similar to the following:
  1. From the URL of the service proxy, deduce the URL to use to connect to this service from ArcMap.
    Remove “/rest/”, the service name (World), and the service type (GeocodeServer) from the URL. Using the example URL above, the new URL is:
  1. From the Catalog window in ArcMap, go to GIS Servers, and double-click Add ArcGIS Server.
  2. In the Add ArcGIS Server wizard: 
    1. Select Use ArcGIS services, and click Next.
    2. For Server URL, specify the URL deduced in Step 3.
    3. For Username, specify the named user for the portal. Note that this is not the user for ArcGIS Online, it is the user that can connect to the portal.
    4. For Password, specify the password of the named user for the portal, and click Finish.
  3. Under GIS Servers, there is a new entry to connect to the ArcGIS Online service proxy.

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