Configure Windows XP SP2 Firewall to work with ArcIMS


Instructions provided describe how to configure Windows XP SP2 Firewall to work with ArcIMS.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 must be installed to complete the procedure below, which outlines the steps required to configure Windows Firewall for ArcIMS.


When upgrading Windows XP with Service Pack 2, a firewall titled 'Windows Firewall' is installed and enabled. The default settings for the firewall cause Windows XP to block all incoming connections for ArcIMS. The workaround below creates exceptions for the ports used by the Web server, Servlet Engine and ArcIMS in the Windows Firewall settings.

  1. Navigate to Windows Firewall.

    Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Windows Firewall

    The firewall is on by default; the recommended setting.

  2. Click the Exceptions tab.
  3. Click 'Add Port'.
  4. Add the following information:

    Name: Web Port (http)
    Port Number: 80
    Type: TCP

    If this is a single machine ArcIMS installation where all components, such as the Web server and Servlet Engine, are on the same physical machine, skip to step 7.

  5. If ArcIMS is deployed in a distributed or multiple machine configuration, the appropriate ports need to be opened by repeating steps 3 and 4 above, as well as the following additional steps:

    Ports and settings for ArcIMS:

    Name: ArcIMS AppServer Connector Port
    Port Number: 5300
    Type: TCP

    Name: ArcIMS AppServer Register Port
    Port Number: 5353
    Type: TCP

    Name: Monitor Listener Port
    Port Number: 5050
    Type: TCP

    Name: Tasker Listener Port
    Port Number: 5060
    Type: TCP
  6. If ArcIMS is deployed in a distributed or multiple machine configuration, and the Spatial Server is installed on a Windows XP SP2 machine, perform the following steps:

    A. Click 'Add Program'.
    B. Click 'Browse' and navigate to:
    <ArcIMS Directory>\Server\bin\aimsserver.exe
    For example: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\Server\bin\aimsserver.exe
    C. Click 'OK'.
    D. Verify that the exception for the Monitor Listener port has been created as shown in step 5 above.
  7. The ports and programs entered should appear in the list of Programs and Services. Verify that check marks appear next to each component.
  8. Close Windows Firewall.

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