Configure WebLogic 7.0 for ArcIMS Service Administrator


If you wish to use ArcIMS Service Administrator to remotely administer ArcIMS services, you must configure your Web server.


Follow the steps below to configure your Web server.

  1. Start WebLogic.
  2. In your Web browser, type: http://<>:<serveradminport>/console. For example, type "".
  3. Type your password.
  4. On the left sidebar, expand the <Domain Name>, Deployments and click Web Applications.
  5. Click Configure a new Web Application.
  6. Locate Application of Components to configure.

    A. Click the upload it through your browser link to select the esriadmin.war file located at <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Administrator and click the Upload button.

    B. Click the [select] link to the left of the esriadmin.war file.

    C. Select the server you created from "Available Servers" to "Target Servers".

    D. Type esriadmin for this application name.

    E. Click Configure and Deploy to configure and deploy the esriadmin application.
  7. Copy the file from <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Administrator/esriadmin/WEF-INF/classes to <WebLogic Installation Directory>/user_projects/<Domain Name> directory (where the startWeblogic script is) and modify this properties file where appropriate if needed.
  8. Open <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Middleware/Application_Server/ in a text editor.
  9. Find the

    parameter and edit it to point to the file. For example:

    preferenceFile=<ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Middleware/Application_Server/sitePreferences

  10. Stop and restart WebLogic.

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