Configure the naming conventions of the Near Me widget results

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Near Me widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS returns a list of results of features within a specified buffer around a defined location or address. In some cases, the results of the Near Me widget are not displayed with intuitive naming. The following figure displays an example of non-intuitive Near Me widget results displaying 'Attractions:' as the name of all the returned results.

An image of the Near Me widget results.

The naming convention used for the Near Me widget results is based on the layer's pop-up title at the web map level. To provide a more intuitive results, the naming convention of the results can be modified to display the data field values by configuring the pop-up title of the layer at the web map level.


The instructions provided describe how to configure the naming convention of the Near Me widget results. Configure the layer's pop-up title at the web map level before creating the web application.
  1. In ArcGIS Online, open the map in Map Viewer, click Details, and click Content.
  2. Browse to the sublayer containing the feature data to configure the pop-up, click More Options An image of the More Options button., and click Configure Pop-up.
  3. In the Configure Pop-up pane, configure the Pop-up Title with a naming convention to be reflected in the Near Me widget results. Click Add Field Name or Expression The Add Field Name or Expression button. to select fields from the data, and click OK.

    The following figure is an example of the configured pop-up title for a sublayer in the map. In this example, the pop-up title is configured to display only the name of the features by inserting the Name field in the Pop-up Title parameter.

    An image of the Configure Pop-up pane to configure the pop-up title.
  4. Create a new web application from the web map with the configured pop-up title, and add the Near Me widget to the web application. For steps to create a web application using the Web AppBuilder template, refer to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Make your first app.

    The figure below is an example of the Near Me widget results containing more intuitive results after configuring the layer's pop-up title. The list of results now displays the name of each feature.

    An image of the Near Me widget results after configuring the web map pop-up title.

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