Configure ServletExec 4.2 for Apache 1.3.2x for Metadata Explorer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If you wish to use Metadata Explorer, you must configure your Web server. Contact New Atlanta for specific versions of ServletExec 4.2-supported Apache.


  1. Start the Apache and ServletExec services.

  2. In your Web browser, type http://<localhost>/servlet/admin to open ServletExec Admin.

  3. On the left sidebar under Servlets, click 'manage' and verify that JSP10Servlet has been loaded.

  4. On the left sidebar under Servlets, click 'aliases' and verify that there is an entry for *.jsp that points to JSP10Servlet.

  5. In the left sidebar under Web Applications, click 'manage'.

  6. Click Add Web Application.

  7. For Application Name, type 'metadataexplorer'.
  8. For URL Context Path, type '/metadataexplorer'. This is the name you will use to run Metadata Explorer.

    The context path you specify is case sensitive. You might want to create more than one Web Application with path names like MetadataExplorer or METADATAEXPLORER pointing to the ArcIMS Metadata Explorer.

  9. For Location, type <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Metadata/metadataexplorer.

  10. Click Submit and close ServletExec Admin.

  11. Open the file <Apache Installation Directory>/conf/httpd.conf in a text editor.

  12. Add the following to the bottom of the httpd.conf file:

    AddHandler servlet-exec jsp
    ServletExecApplications <localhost> /metadataexplorer
    <Location /metadataexplorer>
    SetHandler servlet-exec

  13. Stop and Start Apache Web server and ServletExec and close the Services window.

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