Configure menus & toolbars for ArcCAD 14

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This document provides steps to configure menus and toolbars in ArcCAD version 14.


  1. Start ArcCAD.
  2. Select Tools > Preferences.
  3. Click the Profiles Tab and set 'Arcad14' to current.
  4. Click the Files Tab (this is where you will add your support paths).
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Click on your \Arcad14\bin. This will add the ArcCAD support files for the Arcad14 profile.

    The menus can also be loaded by going to the Tools > Customize Menu. Click on Browse to find your .mnu (menu files). Check in the \AutoCAD r14\support and \bonus\cadtools or\autodesk\acadmap3\support and \bonus\cadtools and click "Load".

  7. Toggling to the ArcCAD menu drops your bonus menus. You must use the profiles tab to bring up your customized AutoCAD profile.

    If you toggle between the AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD Map 3.0 and the ArcCAD 14 menu the bonusmenus go away. THIS IS OKAY. To bring them up again type


    If AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD Map 3.0 is not able to find the support path to the bonusmenu commands, they will not come up. Check in your AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD Map 3.0 preferences (See above) to see that the required support paths are listed.

    If the support files are not correctly configured in AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD Map 3.0, you will not be able to use specific tools or menus because AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD Map 3.0 is not able to find the support files. The same is true for ArcCAD 14. Make sure that the support files are included for both the Arcad14 profile and the 'Unnamed' profile (this is the default profile for AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD Map 3.0 ).

    If you have any further questions about this matter, please refer to the ArcCAD Installation Guide (pamphlet) on pg. 10.

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