Configure a Calcomp 9500 digitizer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to configure a Calcomp 9500 digitizer.


1. Go into set up mode on the digitizer by turning 'SET UP' box on.

2. Set the digitizer to:

Area 1:
point mode 1 0 0 0 0 0
1000 lpi 0 1 1
9100 #3 format 0 0 1 1 0

Area 2: Use if serial cable is connected via this port
9600 baud 0 0 1
8 data bits 1
no parity 1 0 0
1 stop bit 0
tx - cable dependent - if 0 transmits on pin 2
if 1 transmits on pin 3
lf 1
port 1
echo 0

Area 3: Same as Area 2
Use if serial cable is connected via this port

3. Save the changes in Area 5. If the configuration on the digitizer is not saved as the default, a different configuration will be set the next time the digitizer is powered up. PC ARC/INFO will not be able to use the digitizer with a different configuration.

4. Exit the setup by toggling the 'SET UP' box.

5. At the [ARC] prompt issue the following:

CON-DIG CAL9500 x 9600 N 8 1  <-- where x is the COM port number  

6. If the digitizer continues to beep or act strangely you will need to disable STREAM MODE on the digitizer. To have a POINT MODE only digitizer configuration, make a copy the CAL9500 file:


7. Edit the C:\ARCEXE\DIGFORM\CAL9500P digform file so it looks like this:

'CAL9500P'                Calcomp 9500 digitizer (Point Mode) 
1 Digitizer device #
'(A2,2F5.3)' Digitizer format
F No menu bar
F Single button mode off
73.0, 1.0, 0.0 X max, x scale, x offset
85.0, 1.0, 0.0 Y max, y scale, y offset
'0D' 0, '1D' 1, '2D' 2, '3D' 3, '4D' 4, '5D' 5, '6D' 6, '7D' 7
'8D' 8, '9D' 9, 'AD' 10, 'BD' 12
-1 No initialization characters
-1 No shutdown characters

Then issue the following at the [ARC] prompt:

CON-DIG CAL9500P x 9600 N 8 1  <-- where x is the COM port number  


If you are running PC ARC/INFO in the Windows Extensions (3.1, 3.11, 95, or NT) you can only use ARCEDITW and DIGTESTW.

If you are running PC ARC/INFO in Native DOS or a full screen DOS compatibility box, you can only use ARCEDIT, DIGTEST, and ADS. A full screen DOS compatibility box can be accessed in any Windows machine by opening a DOS window and pressing the "ALT" and "ENTER" keys. This key sequence will also get you out of the full screen mode.

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