Clip the Streets.SDC file into a smaller study area

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to convert the SDC feature class 'Streets' from the ESRI Data & Maps and StreetMap USA DVD into a smaller subset of data.


The following instructions show how to extract street data for a county but can be applied to other data such as state, urban area, zip code, etc. This example extracts data for Johnson County, IA.

  1. Insert the Data & Maps and StreetMap USA DVD into the computer DVD-ROM drive.
  2. Start ArcCatalog.
  3. Click the 'Connect to Folder'
    [O-Image] AC
  4. Browse to My Computer and select the DVD-ROM drive and click OK.
  5. Open ArcToolbox.
  6. Expand Analysis Tools > Extract > Select.
  7. For Input Features, browse to Counties.sdc feature class in the <DVD>:\usa\census folder.
  8. For Output Feature Class, specify the name and location of the output feature class.

    Change the default drive path as it defaults to the DVD-ROM drive.

  9. Next, click the SQL query button to launch the SQL dialog box. The counties.sdc file contains both county names and state names so set up a query to look for both since the same county name could be in multiple states. This example is Johnson County, Iowa, which looks like this:
    [O-Image] johnson
  10. Click OK to run the tool.
  11. Run the Clip tool, which is also in the Analysis > Extract toolset. For Input Features, browse to the streets.sdc located in the \usa\streetmap_usa\streets\ folder. For Clip features, use the county shapefile that was created in the previous steps. Specify the output name and location.
  12. Click OK to run the tool. This produces a streets shapefile for Johnson County.

    Depending on the size and number of streets within the county, this process could take a few minutes.

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