Clip a raster dataset using the display extent in ArcMap


Instructions provided describe how to clip single or multiband raster data by exporting it from ArcMap using the display extent of the ArcMap window.

The output may look different because the clipped raster may have different statistics from the source raster. For the clipped raster dataset to look the same as the source dataset, it is possible to import the statistics of the source dataset into the clipped raster.


Clip the raster by zooming to the area of interest and exporting the portion of the raster in the current display extent.
  1. Add the raster dataset to ArcMap.
  2. Zoom into the area to clip. The portion of the raster dataset that is displayed on the screen is the data that will be exported.
  3. In the table of contents, right-click on raster dataset, point to Data, and click Export Data.
  4. The Export Raster Data dialog box appears. In the Extent section, click the Data Frame radio button.
  5. Select the output location for the raster export, the name of the output raster, and the file format.
  6. Click Save to export the raster. Once the operation is completed, click Yes to display the clipped raster dataset in ArcMap.

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