Change the draw symbol for Edit Feature ARC in ArcEdit

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe the steps to change the draw symbol for arcs in an ArcEdit session.


The default lineset for ArcEdit is color.lin. This example changes the lineset to carto.lin, and calls a line symbol from that lineset file.

  1. Arcedit: editcover <cover_name>
    Arcedit: editfeature arc
    Arcedit: linedelete all
    Arcedit: lineset carto.lin
    Arcedit: symbolitem <cover_name> arc 210
    Arcedit: drawenvironment arc
    Arcedit: draw

    The coverage arcs are drawn with linesymbol 210 from the lineset carto.lin.
  2. The reference to the linesets provided with ArcInfo is found in the ArcDoc > Index tab. Type 'linesets', without quotes, and display the topic 'provided with ArcInfo'.

    Active links allow you to display the available linesets, their symbols, and associated symbol numbers for use with the SYMBOLITEM command.

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