APPEND or MAPJOIN all coverages in a workspace without typing the coverage names


When you need to combine all the coverages in a workspace, with APPEND or MAPJOIN, you can avoid typing each coverage name by using the [LISTFILE] function to create an ASCII file that lists the coverage names. You can use this ASCII file as input to the APPEND or MAPJOIN command.


This article uses an example of appending three point coverages.

  1. Use the [LISTFILE] function to create the ASCII file that lists the coverages in your workspace. In this example, covlist.txt is the ASCII file.

    Arc: &ty [listfile * -cover covlist.txt]

  2. Run the APPEND command and provide the name of the ASCII file with the following syntax when prompted to enter the first coverage name.

    Arc: append outcov
    Enter Coverages to be APPENDed (Type END or a blank line when done):

    Enter the 1st coverage: &run covlist.txt
    Enter the 4th coverage:
    Done entering coverage names (Y/N)? y
    Do you wish to use the above coverages (Y/N)? y

    Appending coverages...

  3. Delete the ASCII file, if you wish.

    Arc: &ty [delete covlist.txt -file]

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