Add more points to an existing point coverage feature class


Steps to add more points to an existing point coverage using the Generate Coverage utility.


  1. Add the new point to an ArcInfo generate file. Generate files are ASCII text files which store the coordinate information for feautres. This information must follow a specific format. For more information open the ArcInfo Workstation Help, switch to the Index tab, and type Generate into the search field. Select the Generate ( Arc Command) topic.
  2. Use the Generate Coverage Wizard to add the points in the generate file to an existing coverage.

    A. Open ArcToolbox.
    B. Click Conversion Tools > Import to Coverage > Generate to Coverage Wizard.
    C.Click the "from a text file" radio button.
    D. Click the Next button.
    E. Check on the feature types to convert.
    F. Click the Next button.
    G. Click the Browser button next to the "Input generate file field.
    H. Click the Next button.
    J. Enter the path of an output coverage.
    K. Click the Finish button.

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  • ArcMap 8 x

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